BC-250 Diesel Fuel Biocide

The complete diesel treatment for routine maintenance.

Why BC-250 diesel fuel biocide?

BC-250 diesel fuel biocide is the only diesel treatment you'll need because it:
    • Cleans your injectors and fuel system better that any other diesel engine cleaner
    • Kills bacterial and fungal contaminations
    • Helps separate water from your fuel
    • Is a safe and easy to use

What are the benefits of BC-250 diesel fuel?

Being able to extract all of the power that your engine was designed to deliver and saving on your fuel bills are just two of the great reasons for using BC-250 with following benefits:
    • Cleaner, more efficient running
    • No more prematurely blocked filters
    • Protection against breakdowns of injection pumps and injectors
    • More reliability - means less downtime
    • More profit
Protecting injection pumps, and injectors against breakdowns caused by water damage will slash your downtime and repair bills. And making sure that your system is free of "diesel bugs" ... will mean that your equipment will be working when you need it most. BC-250 diesel fuel biocide works. A transport industry award, and a history that includes treating millions of litres of diesel are testimony to its performance.

How to use BC-250

Workshops and Service Centres

Add BC-250 diesel fuel biocide to the fuel tank when servicing diesel machinery to clean and sterilise fuel systems. This will safeguard your repairs from the potential of breakdowns caused by wet fuel and dirty fuel systems. The improved performance will also reinforce the reliability of your workmanship.

Storage tanks, Marine and Warm Humid areas

BC-250 will protect your entire fleet with one effortless treatment. Initially, use 1 litre of BC-250 per 1,000 litres of diesel. Following this, add 1 litre of BC-250 per 2,000 litres of incoming fresh fuel, to keep your engine(s) running clean and efficient.
Tip: To enhance mixing add BC-250 to the tank first ... then add the fuel.


Add BC-250 to the vehicle tank when refuelling. Initially, treat the first two fills with 100ml of BC-250 per 100 litres of diesel. Routinely use at every second or third fill. Use at service intervals.
BC-250 is the product for you, contact us to find out more.