What are 'bugs' in fuel?
The 'bugs' are microscopic fungi, bacteria and yeasts. They live at the interface between water and diesel. They use the diesel as a food source.
Where do they come from?
The 'bugs' are naturally occurring micoflora. They exist in the air, soil and water around us. So widespread is their occurrence, they are almost impossible to keep out of fuel tanks.
What problems do they cause?
The main problems are:
Hazy fuel due to water 'held' up in fuel phase
Damage to injectors and fuel pumps
Corrosion of fuel system components and storage tanks
Rapidly blocking filters
What problems do they cause?
Typical symptoms are:
Frequent filter blockage
Black slime on filters
Hazy fuel
Water in the bottom of tanks
Damage to injectors and fuel pumps
How can I look after my diesel fuel?
Fueltreat has prepared a guide called 'Ten Steps to Better Diesel Fuel Quality', click here to go to it.