FT-400 Diesel Fuel Biocide

Squeeze the most out of your bulk diesel, and your wallet

FT-400 Diesel Fuel Biocide is a powerful diesel additive that enhances and protects diesel fuel,
because it:

  • Cleans tanks and fuel lines

  • Maintains cleanliness of your engine's fuel system

  • Kills fungal and bacterial contaminations

  • Helps separate water from your fuel

Benefits of FT-400 Diesel Fuel Biocide

  • Better fuel efficiency

  • No more prematurely blocked filters

  • Protections against breakdowns of injection pumps and injectors

  • Less down-time

  • More Profit

And the real benefit to you is more reliability from your diesel engines.

FT-400 Diesel Fuel Biocide is the diesel fuel additive ideal for big users of diesel because it is a "no-nonsense" product that works at very low dose rates. Which means that treating even millions of litres at a time, is a breeze with FT-400.

Treating your incoming fuel with FT-400 Diesel Fuel Biocide will be your guarantee of performance, reliability and economy. By keeping your fuel system in peak operating condition, FT-400 will let you squeeze the most out of every drop of fuel. FT-400 will slash down-time, and protect injectors and injection pumps against water damage ... as it continuously combats the effects of condensation, fungal and bacterial contaminations. The bottom line will be savings in operating costs and more profit at the end of the day.

How to use FT-400

Cleaning up dirty systems...

  • Drain water from storage tanks routinely, and ...

  • Add 10 litres of FT-400 for every 40,000 litres of diesel fuel

TIP: To prevent re-contamination always treat for the volume of the tank. For example, if a 40,000 litre tank has 30,000 litres in it - add 10 litres of FT-400 when topping up.

Pack size

Litres of Diesel Treated per Pack

Contaminated System

Fresh Diesel

10 litre



200 litre


1000 litre



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