Breakclear Emulsion Breakers

Fast, Efficient, Safe

Breakclear Emulsion Breakers remove water from oils, and oil and solids from water. They are the emulsion breaker that works just as well on natural oils and fats as they do on petroleum waste.

Breakclear emulsion breakers, good for the environment and good for your bottom line, because they...

red triangle Remove water from hydrocarbons, fuels and oils, including natural oils
red triangle

Efficiently remove oil from waste water streams and assist in meeting environmental regulations

red triangle Remove solids from waste water streams
red triangle

Minimize sludge build up in waste systems

red triangle Help control odors
red triangle Recover oil from waste systems
red triangle Minimize waste volumes

Which means...

red triangle Lower waste disposal costs
red triangle

Recovery of product for re-use

red triangle Lower emissions
red triangle

More power

red triangle Lower operating costs
red triangle Longer service intervals
red triangle Higher plant efficiency

Breakclear emulsion breakers are perfect for...

red triangle Oil recycling plants
red triangle

Waste water treatment plants

red triangle Petroleum and petrochemical processing plants
red triangle Food and dairy processing plants

Breakclear is easy to use...

Simply add Breakclear emulsion breaker to the waste oil or water system. A Fueltreat specialist is happy to advise on the optimum product and addition method for your process, just ask us.