Fuel Treatment Solutions

Fuel Treatment for Cars, Trucks, Boats and Ships

That's why we’re passionate about developing and providing premium fuel treatments for your car, fleet or business.

Founded by research scientists and petroleum engineers, we’ve spent many lifetimes working to bring a range of premium fuel treatments, diesel biocides and emulsion breakers to fuel users in Australasia and beyond.

Fueltreat products are best in class. We never stop testing and improving our formulas so we're ahead of the curve and you get amazing results.

Surefire Fuel Injector Cleaner

Surefire Fuel Injector Cleaner provides the power your car needs to perform at its best.

BC-250 Diesel Fuel Biocide

BC-250 Diesel Fuel Biocide is the complete diesel treatment for routine maintenance.

FT-400 Diesel Fuel Biocide

FT-400 Diesel Fuel Biocide is brilliant for bulk diesel needs, squeezing efficiency out of every drop without hurting the business's wallet.

Breakclear Emulsion Breakers

Breakclear Emulsion Breakers are fast, efficient and safe, providing benefits to your business and our environment.

Sureburn Fuel System Cleaner

Sureburn Fuel System Cleaner is the fuel cleaner you need to keep your heavy diesel and fuel oil engines healthy and performing as they should.

We love talking fuel, and how to keep you running fast and efficient, so contact us to take the next steps towards fuel efficiency and savings.

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