Clean, Efficient, Safe

Sureburn is a true multi function product for industrial engines, boilers and heat exchange systems. Sureburn is good for the environment ...... and good for your bottom line, because it ....

red triangle Cleans intake systems of large engines
red triangle Controls ash deposits in furnaces and boilers
red triangle Removes deposits from heat exchangers
red triangle Cleans fuel lines and filters
red triangle Prevents corrosion
red triangle Disperses water
red triangle

Prevents settling in fuel oils

Which means ......

red triangle Higher efficiencies
red triangle

Cleaner running

red triangle Lower emissions
red triangle

More power

red triangle Lower operating costs
red triangle Longer service intervals
red triangle Clean heat exchangers while on-line

Sureburn is perfect for ......

red triangle All heavy diesel and fuel oil engines
red triangle

Oil fired boilers and furnaces

red triangle Waste oil processing plants
red triangle Co-generation systems

Sureburn is easy to use ........

Simply add Sureburn to the fuel supply tank when fuelling for all engine, boiler or co-generation needs. To clean or control deposits in heat exchangers inject Sureburn into the process lines.